Pregnancy 10th May 2017

The great pregnancy journey is always on the priority list of every women stepping into pregnancy. It is a conscious take of every women to aim at this voyage with no hassles to deal with. These nine months build your entire life's remembrance. So not find yourself in those confusion blues, here we have a stepwise pregnancy route.

Week 1

This innate week where you have no clue that you might be expecting lays the foundation of your journey. Asking your practitioner to add more multi vitamins to your routine will allow you to have a healthy pregnancy throughout. Have those extra cake icings, of calcium, vitamins, iron and few such, much needed vitamins.

Week 2

This week since you are progressive in your journey, it might require few advisable deeds to be followed by you. With the screening of blood and urine the pregnancy will be diagnosed, as the HCG count increases in your body.

Week 3

Another, progressive week where, all you need is figuring out a well trusted doctor or practitioner. Since she is going to be a bridging gap between you and your pregnancy. The complete guide book will be only spoken to you by this doctor only. As she will take you along with her on this beautiful journey.

Week 4

Week 4 still you need to wait for that regime to kick start as it is just the beginning and it's a long way to go so wait for the doctor's appointment and be diagnosed. As there are so many mommies those who are nearing their due dates.

Week 5

It is the time when you should be preparing to be ready for the days coming ahead.
Try to eat well, sleep well and stay hydrated all day long. Its time you add on nutrients to your meal.

Week 6

It is the week when vitamins might be over sized but needs to be taken remembering it to be utmost priority.
One has to be taking all those advises of the doctor carefully and seriously so to avoid all the complications that might occur.

Week 7

The hormonal changes now will keep you in the distress of up and down feelings, so to cope with these changes you should look for your partner's support. As he is only one whom you would be longing than anyone else near you.

Week 8

This week try looking after yourself as this is your pampering time, you should engage yourself in some self-pampering activities. So that it may keep you in the best of your mood and spirit. The keep going approach towards this voyage will allow you stay fit in this journey.

Week 9

Keep planning for the day and allow yourself to stay free spirited throughout this journey. It is indeed a phase to remember, the lost emotions. You may reunite with the relations you really wish to bring back to your life.

Week 10

The new week doesn't only add to the days or weeks but adds some great responsibilities too. It looks forward to empowering more and more of you to give yourself to the new you.

Week 11

You will finally get to meet your first tiny -miny look of your adorable new being. So get ready to see that first look, feel excited and attach your insight to that tiny one in you. Start panning in the direction of a new life which just in front of you.

Week 12

What! What you could see those milky spots? Right it is the week 12 when you see your cleavage more visibly, and having those heavy milky boobs is all about getting that lactation process heading start.

Week 13

You might see those bleeding gums, or dental issues, it is all because you are nearing week 13, so keep meeting your dentist at regular intervals so that the cure should be ready at hand.

Week 14

My, my! We know those past weeks were draining you have but since you have the reenergized you, so keep up with your fitness regime and start working on it. Add those few more laps to your walks and treadmill, as this fitness will boost your stamina for the coming time.

Week 15

This week is considered to be a reenergized you week, so you might kick up some "Sweet- nothings" with your partner. So head up for it and make some great memories.

Week 16

The week you will, if you didn't experience constipation in the first trimester, you could experience it now as the hormone progesterone relaxes smooth muscle tissue throughout your body including your gastrointestinal tract which slows down digestion and also leads to gas, bloating, and burping. In fact, constipation affects about half of all pregnant women.

Week 17

Have those brain boosting food, add omega3 in your diet, as this week your baby brain is developing. To give him that sharp brain and intelligence add those extra mind supplements to your diet.

Week 18

This week you will unfortunately have those hemorrhoids as the most common symptom. Be sure to drink plenty of water to keep it at bay.

Week 19

Be most careful as this is the time when you will be more prone to those urinary tract infections. So tell your doctor about this as a doze of treatment will help ease the UTI's at the base level.

Week 20

In your subconscious mind if you have those delivery dreams , that haunt you then try this before sleeping breathing activity to keep them away. This brings a sound and good night sleep.

Week 21

If you are stressing too much then it may result in premature delivery so don't stress out , just relax do some power yoga and breathing activities to stay positive

Week 22

Time to talk! Talk to your baby in the womb. He can listen what you say so bond with him and develop that bond with your new one. It is recommended to be chatting with the baby for a healthy relationship.

Week 23

You must be every now and then complaining about that pain in back or lower back so do those relaxing massages to relieve yourself from the pain.

Week 24

Struggling to sleep? Don't worry just add those extra pillows to have a support while sleeping in that sound posture.

Week 25

If growing heart burns are bothering you then stay away from those greasy foods, fatty foods and that extra masala food so that it doesnot trigger your heartburn. Just try having cold milk and less of caffeine intake.

Week 26

Don't be scared those swollen feet are yours, with this week the excess fluid is causing that swell. So don't be at the stress edge just relax it's a phase will pass.

Week 27

Don't sit back we know your growing belly is stopping you to stay fit. Be energized, boost yourself and just keep up the yoga regime.

Week 28

Plan for your medical back up, look for a great midwife and experienced practitioner. Book for your delivery in the hospital to avoid those last minute hassles.

Week 29

Make a list of the people and helping hands in your labor room, as the moral support boost your strength which is the key source of moment that time.

Week 30

Start that sweet poking with your little one as he very well listens to you and reacts as well. So if you smoothly touch your belly your baby can feel that sensation.

Week 31

Listen to the advices that comes your way from strangers and neighbors. But make sure to not scare your mind with that, just try and focus on the advice that your doctor has given.

Week 32

The due-date nearing may cause some cramps, tightening of uterus but don't confuse with labor pain, just try hot water bag to sooth that.

Week 33

Time to propose working from home a day or two during the last few weeks prior to taking off. It will help you ease into your leave without eating into your actual sanctioned time off. Oh, and don't forget to factor in any remaining vacation or sick days when you sit down with the calendar to hammer out your exit strategy; many companies will let you count them toward your time off.

Week 34

Sleep lacking is an everyday thing for you now, so now workout to drain your energy so that you get that night sleep.

Week 35

Make your partner also indulge in habit of chatting with your baby, as this nears you both together to the baby. The baby now needs you both and care too.

Week 36

Keep wondering about the signs of labor nearing, but try to check with your doctor continuously about all the symptoms you are going through.

Week 37

Get set for hospital bag packing, ask for help and prepare your bag so that nothing is left out for last time arrangements.

Week 38

You must be having that extra sense to see through all the defects, like dust and mess around so you would be running around to do all that for yourself but don't exhaust your energies in doing all that. Try to go slow while doing all that.

Week 39

You may feel the water bag breaking but this is too early to be losing your calm. Keep it cool and relax yourself from not hassling it with your delivery time nearing. Chat with your doctor.

Week 40

Time for the check that how much cervix has dilated, and only after making sure she would guide you about the deeds to proceed.

Week 41

Don't hesitate to ask your doctor about all the queries you have in your mind. Just feel open and free to speak out your mind with your doctor.

Week 42

Now is the time! so relax your mind and wait for that moment, keep calm and imagine that first sensational touch of your baby in your arms.

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