Does my baby, listen inside the womb???

baby 22th May 2017

Those arousing queries about your baby's well-being are all signals of your efforts in bearing an unsullied baby. Every mum-to-be, puts all her toil in carving a glistening future of her little one, with the very announcement of that good news the whole house is filled with hopes and merriment. The elders guide the mother to read good books and stay positive because the tiny-miny is listening and learning to everything that you have to say! We can't skip some legendary instances of our Indian Culture, where Abhimanyu proved his learning being commenced right inside the womb. So all you mommies to be, become a virtuous teacher and prep your lessons as your baby is all up to learn.


Let the school teachers have their part of teaching, as the studies suggest that your baby remember some sounds and tastes. At the end of week 28 the baby develop sense of listening and tasting. So mums wear your headphones and tune in to those soothing music, as it not only calms you but your baby also relaxes.


It is the very often asked question that how to teach the baby. So here are some mantra's to attain accuracy:

Experience teaches- the music played to the baby while he was in the womb, will be easily recognized by your baby, once he comes to this new world.

Repetition is the key- even as we the adults, learn a skill only by repeated practice, so does the baby hold in its nature the learning by repetition. If he witnesses to a specific voice or taste again and again, it becomes easier for the baby to establish that connect.

Association builds a bond- your baby too attain that particular mood zone as you do, after you listen to some specific music.


Everything is timed and planned in an order, so don't think the baby can be taught everything right in the womb. This sense of learning in the womb is gifted by god, so that that little being gets prepped up for all that will come his way, throughout the life. Just relax! And let time play its part and walk in sync with rest of the things.

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