Emotional changes during Pregnancy

Pregnancy 12th June 2017

Pregnancy is probably the wonder of all the wonders of a woman's existence. What a supernatural experience it must be to feel a life growing inside you! As if, women were inspired seers who receive the gift of giving birth from the Almighty.

From the moment of conception, the child's soul- a unique DNA- already becomes a part of your body; and that soul has the capability to weave complex thoughts and deep feelings.

Pregnancy is a journey of self-discovery and emotional development. During this journey, a woman becomes increasingly aware about the energies of her body. She learns to develop her sensory system i.e. the six senses in a positive way. The emotional intuitions of the woman become more active and she listens inwards to what that unborn life tries to communicate with her from within.

As Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, co-founder of the Russian Theosophical Society, puts it, "A pregnant woman is mentally in a highly impressible state. . . . her intellectual faculties are weakened and she is affected to an unusual degree by the most trifling events. She seems to be in a receptive condition for all the influences of nature. Her illnesses are imparted to the child and often the child absorbs them entirely to itself; her pains and pleasure react upon the child's temperament as well as its health."

Though you are excited and emotional, you also feel vulnerable cautious, scared and worried. However, when you feel the first heartbeat and that first playful kick, it is bliss. The anticipation of how this creature will come out of your body can be exasperating. But the moment you hold your newborn, all the agony vanishes and you breathe contentment. And with that child, a parent is born.

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