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How the trauma of life is passed down in SPERM, affecting the mental health of future generationsk

BABY HEALTH 23rd Apr 2014

The children of people who have experienced extremely traumatic events are more likely to develop mental health problems. And new research shows this is because experiencing trauma leads to changes in the sperm.
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When Does Parenting Begin? An Introduction

Birth 19th July 2016

In our culture, the majority opinion is that parenthood starts after birth. This view has been subtly fostered by medical scientists who think of a baby as physical matter...
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Are You Ready To Be a Parent? Three Things to Keep In Mind

Science 16th June 2017

You become a parent the moment you realize you're pregnant, or a part of such relationship. The pregnancy is bound to impact your life. Even if it ends in abortion, miscarriage or giving the child up for adoption.
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My First True Desire to Have a Child

Science 22nd February 2017

Do you often dream about being a mother and most of your thoughts are related to how your child is going to be? How the life will be after he or she is born? Or often when you see other couples with their babies,
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