Relaxation and Labour Affirmations


Labor and childbirth are one of the most special as well as challenging experiences for a woman. It is the most important experience of her life as it deeply empowers and transforms the woman for betterment. But, due to lack of healthy interpersonal relationships and unhealthy lifestyle, particularly urban women find pregnancy, labor, and childbirth to be a huge task. With the advent of modernity and technology, natural ways have been switched to artificial ways.

Fortunately, to combat this present-day issue, relaxation and labor affirmations are one of the best ways to prepare women for the "Labor of Love". Relaxation works as an influential spiritual way to induce labor. Relaxation and labor affirmations enable your mind and body to approach labor with calmness and strength. Therefore, once the expecting mother realizes that being tensed or worried won't help to go into labor, she is able to experience the 'labor of love'.

Positive Affirmations- The power of positive thoughts and feelings can help attain a smooth labor. We at 'Virtue Baby,' have come up with many useful relaxation and positive labor commentaries for a complete body relaxation.

Visualization- Visualizing labor helps you relax and assists your body to open up. Having a positive outlook on birth is always going to help. Self-hypnosis relaxes the body and the mind for an easy and relatively pain-free labor and birthing. With the help of relaxation techniques, mothers get rid of their fear associated with birthing and help their bodies relax so that they can birth easily.

Relaxation techniques aim at changing the fearful or negative thoughts of your mind at a sub- conscious level. Therefore, self-hypnosis is a practice that needs to be learned and practiced in the months before childbirth. This is how it works:

- Your body and mind should be completely calm and relaxed before you start the practice.

- When relaxed, all your thoughts automatically gets converted into a mental image (visualization). The thoughts in a slow and gentle tone give the mind enough time to visualize them.

Meditate during labor and childbirth:

Integrating practice of positive affirmations into your lifestyle right from the time of conception, throughout pregnancy and labor can be very beneficial. Thus, it is highly recommended to begin meditating and visualizing a safe and comfortable childbirth from as early as the 3rd or 4th month and visualizations in your 7th to 9th before labor. This is why 'Virtue Baby' offers many positive affirmations that you can practice to get prepared for labor or while in labor to call it "The Labor of Love".

Therefore, regular practice in the weeks before labor helps in changing your fears and misconceptions towards the childbirth and replaces them with more positive and empowering experiences. While regularly practicing it, you give conscious suggestions to your conscious mind (self) and allow yourself to visualize and feel it. Gradually, you get relaxed and begin to experience positivity as a result of auto-suggestive thoughts. So, at the time of actual labor, you see yourself in a state of 'control', where in spite of experiencing physical pain, you are able to relax your mind and body as well as restores your confidence in yourself and your innate abilities.

You see yourself in a state of awareness or empowered, which allows you to consciously choose your thoughts. When you consciously create positive thoughts and experience positive feelings, it influences the preprogramming of your sub-conscious and thereby, you are able to prepare your mind for labor and childbirth.

Moreover, your baby will be familiar with your voice, responses, your touch, and recognizes you as his mother while in the womb. Thus, to achieve an easy labor, provide him with all his needs and continue to build the bond with your baby throughout pregnancy and labor. This will further help you bond faster with your baby emotionally after childbirth.

Furthermore, in order to overcome the fear of childbirth, you shall read and believe in positive and empowering stories of childbirth. Such positive affirmations bring back your awareness and to your baby as you are able to focus your attention on your labor and experience the divine experience. The below mentioned is one of the recommended labor affirmations:

"As I feel the contractions, I know that you are coming soon. The excitement of welcoming you is far greater than the pain that I am feeling at this moment. I am brave and courageous and I know I can get through this comfortably. I experience God's empowering rays of light and might to enter my body through every contraction. These rays help me and you through this process of labor. I can see God's energy nourishing you and allowing my muscles to stretch so that you can travel comfortably until you find your way out of my womb. I am relaxed, peaceful and empowered. I am fortunate to be experiencing this."

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