• Mother of a Virtue Baby | Sugandh Jain and her Husband

    "Initially, my wife used to have pregnancy-related anxiety, but after meeting dr. Nitika; we both started to talk to our baby in the womb. Also, I sang a song during my wife's labor, due to which, the labor was very easy and divine. Thus, it was an amazing journey for us."

  • Mother of a Virtue Baby | Paridhi Jain

    "With regular practice of meditation commentaries throughout pregnancy, my sub-conscious mind became so well-trained that I experienced a divine labor"

  • Virtue Baby Parent | Nikhad

    "I used to read out the Virtue Storybook to my baby in the womb which helped me to build a stronger bond, and even now, after birth, my baby is able to recognize and relate to the stories beautifully"

  • Mother of a Virtue Baby | Jasmine Kaur

    "Virtue Baby gave me the knowledge about how to bring up my baby, what all values would I want my child to possess"

  • Virtue Baby Parent | Sonia Sadana

    "I incorporated the concept of Virtue Baby in my life and I experienced tremendous joy during my pregnancy and after my normal delivery"

  • Virtue Baby Parent | Meha

    "With the help of this concept, I could talk to my baby in the womb; I used to calm her down in the womb with rhymes"

  • Virtue Baby Parents | Pfosia

    "We look forward to the concept of virtue baby being adopted by more parents as for us it has been a very positive experience"

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