Pregnancy - A Beautiful Journey - Dr Prachi Gupta


It was in October 2019, before Diwali, we came to know about arrival of new life in our lives. We all were happy about it. Soon after confirmation with first ultrasound, I started surfing net about things to do during  pregnancy. I was surprised to know that a childs personality can built in a womb. I came across topics like Garbh Sanskar, Birth sychology and Virtue Baby. I came across series of Virtue Baby conducted with BK Shivani Ben and Dr. Nitika Sobti. This series of 26 episodes each of 30 minutes duration was very helpful. With Gods grace I am blessed with a baby boy a month ago. I am glad to share my few experiences below. I used to practice following affirmations and the results are unbelievable.

1. My childs facial features resemble me - and I he is photocopy of mine.

2. My child is born normal (No anomaly) and Healthy - and he is normal and healthy.

3. My childs birth weight will be above 3.5 kg - and he was 3.8kg at birth.

4. My baby will be full term - 24th week ultrasound showed early calcification of placenta. I was very positive that I will have full term baby. The calcification did not mature further. My baby was born in 37th week.

5. In last month of pregnancy I used to panic when I did not feel baby movements after long time. With the help of meditation, I used to calm myself and after sometime I used to feel his movements. Also my child used to recognise Shivani.

Bens and Dr. Nitika Sobti voice in-utero. He used to respond to their voices by his kicks. This was another thing I used to do I feel his movements.

I used to talk to him and he responded in womb by his kicks.

Rest of his virtues will be known once he grows up.

Thank you Dr. Nitika Sobti and Shivani Ben for the beautiful series of Virtue Baby.

Dr. Prachi Gupta

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