Birth Story - Kaveri Tyagi


It was November 8 when I got a positive line in my test kit and the very moment I had thousands of questions in my mind and the most important was who will I consult in my journey to motherhood. My sister suggested a Gynaecologist and was very sure that I will never regret about my decision and the name was Dr Nitika Sobti. I visited her the very next day and in her, I did not just find a doctor, I found a mentor, a guide and an energy that was so positive that it changed my thoughts for better and for ever. My 9 months journey experienced some ups and downs but the support of madam made it a little better. I love the way she calms us down by saying "challenges to aate jate rehte hain, hum doctors kis liye hain. Aap bas khush raho and apne angel ko khush rakho"

I had deranged thyroid, and later I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, and adding to my challenges I had a deranged LFT too. All these co-morbidities resulted in a dilemma. I was a little nervous about my angel is birthing and was not sure if I will be able to go for a vaginal birth. I thought of talking to madam about the same on my visits but the moment I saw her I was a totally different positive person, as if I can overcome any challenge. Her voice itself is so empowering that my anxiety had no place to stay. I religiously used to read womb conversation to my baby and every time it was such a motivating vibe. My little one used to move around in the womb which was so special to me. The virtue story book for my baby has actually turned me into a better being  and I am sure my baby will possess these virtues too.

And yes, my delivery, it was a vaginal birth. With all the challenges and Corona as a freebie, we did it. Madam gave me my little one and helped me to become such a better soul. She will always have a special place in our lives. Huge respect for her.  

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